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Grand vin de Cahors separateur
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The Chateau de Gaudou

A Chateau with massive beige walls, pierced by large windows, flanked by towers and surrounded by its vineyard oriented to the sun.

The whole vineyard is well planned and organized. We pay great attention to the continuity of our terroir.
In the company of other prestigious vineyards, Gaudou is situated in the midst of the mythical village called the “Beverly Hill of the Cahors appellation” by Mr Michel Bettane.


It is a site full of history.

The name “Gaudou” is held by both the chateau and its locality indicating occupation of the hill during the middle ages.
As for the Durou family, the name appears in parish registers since the sixteenth century. The ancient account books show evidence of European commerce; barrels of wine were transported by barge to Bordeaux during that time.
In particular it was the occupation of Jean-Charles Durou, at the end of the 19th century.
His only son Jean-Louis Durou very quickly mastered the alchemy of winemaking to enrich the local viticultural practices.

From 1966 onwards our Cahors wine was sold in bottles.
René and Brigitte Durou modernised and produced a vintage wine affirming its status.
Entry into the new millennium will be marked by the latest descendant, a “Vigneron-artisan” of the 21th century.
In two vintages Fabrice Durou has changed from oak-aged wines destined to be kept for many years and which were the image of the domaine, to products, similarly concentrated which may be appreciated at any age.
The change comes essentially from the vines, smaller yield, greater maturity, a grape pure, more natural.
In the chai there is minimal intervention for we have changed from the reign of the oenologists to that of the vignerons.

From three wines the range now extends to seven.

As a result the Chateau is now equipped with a new chai where equipment allows for a unique method of soft extraction “pigeage” which confers greater depth and finesse to the wine.