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L'abus d'alcool est dangereux pour la santé, consommez avec modération...

Cahors - Malbec - Sud-Ouest

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La Charmeuse - Dry

"Surprising and gluttony"


Soil Gravel and Clay

Grape variety : Sauvignon and sémillon 

History : We are fortunate in Gaudou to have a large collection of white grape varieties. Fabrice Durou decided, in 2019, to hand-pick them and vinify them separately in order to discover their potential on our  terroirs.

The harvest was in full swing that day. Due to a lack of time, and recalling the writings read earlier on Orange wines, he decided to vat the grapes whole, without sulphur, and let the yeasts work.

The Orange wine was born! In spring, the tasting validated our choices. Bottling would take place, without adding any sulphur!

A little treasure that we wanted to share with our customers!


An Orange wine, without sulphur, lightly pearled, produced by Nature! 

Environment: Sustainable winegrowing.

Tasting: Golden yellow colour with orange tinges. Intense nose, marked by walnut, floral notes, mango, a hint of citrus and orange blossom. Very tense in the mouth, big volume, aromas of walnut and citrus fruit, good length. 


Food and wine pairing: Serve chilled in summer as an aperitif with tapas!